Headteacher Induction

Headteacher Induction

Wakefield Council is committed to supporting all Headteachers who are new in post. This might be a first headship or an experienced Headteacher who is new to Wakefield.

Our induction processes aim to:

  • support Headteachers new to their role, or new to Wakefield, to enable them to be fully effective as quickly as possible and become familiar with Wakefield’s systems and procedures.
  • support new Headteachers’ professional development enabling them to continue to improve their skills of leadership and management.

At the conclusion of the induction period the new Headteacher should have a good knowledge of Wakefield Council personnel and procedures and have identified any specific, personal, continuing professional development needs.

There are 6 training opportunities for new Headteachers spread over the first year of headship. These are designed to provide appropriate and relevant information to new Headteachers and those who are new to headship in Wakefield. These include finance, HR and Governance, school improvement planning and self evaluation, safeguarding and health and safety. There are also sessions to support Headteachers in developing resilience and capacity to deal with difficult situations and people.

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